Finally installed my JDP Lip

Finally got it mounted up and lined up right tonight. Used 10mm head self tapping screws and washers, 10 all together to mount it up. Came out pretty damn good IMO. Needed to get it mounted up now and lined up right and all the holes in the right order now so it could come back off for paint and body work in the next 2 weeks :thumb: Staying milano red, base/clear with doorjambs and hatch jambs being done btw… engine bay later. Gotta wait 2-3 weeks for my painter to finish 2 other cars.

Comments welcome, the car itself looks like ass right now but should be good to go soon, I love this lip so much.

Its the OE1 style 92-93 for those wanting to know

looks good!! i bought the same one. you’re off to a good start. nice clean and simple is the way to be. oh nice volks btw!!

looks good!!!

Thanks for the support! :rockon:

all u need now is a carbon fiber hood =D

well since i noticed all your comments were from fellow Californians,

 I have to agree, off to a great, clean, start. Love the lip and now I want one also. LOoks CLEAN.:rockon:

Thanks guys. Clean and simple is how its going to stay. All in all, its getting resprayed by one of the best painters around here, JDM thin side moldings, the 1 pieces, the jdp lip, and the volks might be traded out possibly for MINT ssr type X’s. All depends really… Otherwise, thats how the exterior will stay though, maybe a hood but I doubt it.

All I know is, rabbits better watch there ass out the way. If I end up tearing this lip up somehow, im buying another lol. I dont think i’d be satisfied with any other front lip.

that lip looks awesome im definitly looking into one of thoes cars looking good

Nice…where did u order from? Do they have other styles in carbon? They have 1 other style in carbon for 92-93’s. OE1 and OE2. Email or hit him up on AIM:jdpengineering is the screen name

Thats the other style they have. Personally I like the flush all the way across style, cleaner imo.

that looks good im thinking about getting one of these

Very clean look my friend. Good to see you youngbucks taking care of our cars.

-old guy

i<3 red DA’s

correction they have 3 styles for 92-93 bumper OE1, OE2, DUCT spoiler (pics in order)

what you got falken ziex on that teg. lip looks clean as fuk, upgrade tires to something better lol.

Yeah there ziex 512’s. only reason i got them is alot of people said they were great. As far as DD’ing with them, i dont have no complaints. Except when i put the ziex’s on i noticed if i jerk the steering wheel to the right or left real hard the body likes to sway around as if the sidewalls are just paper thin… Oh well, ill get new ones when the time comes, can only learn from my mistake.