Finding that one

So when I was 16 (19 years ago now), a co-worker had a 1993 GS-R and I fell in love with that car. It was white, lowered, tinted windows, had Akimoto Racing Sports decals angled along doors and had yellow racing stripes offset to one side of the car. What are the chances I could find that car today? I don’t have the VIN or the plate number. All I know is the former owner’s name and he lived in Springfield, Missouri. Any chance anyone on here has seen this car?

If it is still around chances are the offset stripes and the Akimoto decals are long gone. That’s almost like someone still having feathered or mullet haircuts , lol. I know how you feel, there was a white 92 GSR on the showroom floor when I bought my car, I couldn’t afford it at the time. I would have saved myself so much money if I had bought that car and not made my 91 LSS a GSR clone. White GSRs are hard to come by in Florida, the green and red are more prevalent, (especially the green).

Best of luck with your search.

That’s gonna be hard to track down but it would be cool if you could. Here’s a post with a lot of the partial VIN’s - not sure if there’s any way it could be of some help, but maybe the owner would have posted some info about it? Other than that I’d just start looking at auctions and for sale ads to see if you can find it. But without the VIN it’s gonna be quite tough. Good luck! (and let us know if you find it!)

Good luck, but if you’re serious I would say just build your own white DB2 clone of it. More fun that way too

that car prob been in so many hands by now and people always change cars when they get it. unless it still in the same owners hands and hoping he never change the look. chances are its going to be impossible to find. your better off buying a white gsr which still going to be hard to find and pricey and just build it. or buy a shell Ls and make a GSR clone… however you go about it just have fun with it.

The White 92/93 GS-R to me is the unicorn. I have finally purchased a White 93 GS-R (My second GS-R). My first GS-R was in Aztec Green Pearl. I still own it, unfortunately I was in an accident in it. It is repairable though! If you are interested in locating a White GS-R, I recommend using . It is a website that will search craigslist across the USA. If you willing to travel to purchase one, I would use it. Here is what I have found today:[ACURA[INTEG[]][]]&listingId=406268940&Log=0

[QUOTE=dpintos;2334496]The White 92/93 GS-R to me is the unicorn. I have finally purchased a White 93 GS-R (My second GS-R). My first GS-R was in Aztec Green[ACURA[INTEG[]][]]&listingId=406268940&Log=0[/QUOTE]

that one there for 2800 is not a bad deal… looks like a little surface rust but can easily be taken care off. If its running in good condition there is your car .

That does not look like surface rust to me. I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near that thing and restoring it would cost more than it’d be worth - by a LOT.

You’d easily put $8k into that thing (including cost of the car) to restore it and it wouldn’t be anywhere near as nice as this one or worth as much: (This is one of the highest priced DB2’s I’ve seen for sale. Steep for G2 for sure, but I think it’s well worth it to the right person. I know I wish I had the $$ laying around - and a place to store it.)