finicky passenger power window

For about a month now, the passenger window will decide not to go down, but sometimes will and then decide not to go back up. This is true from both the driver and passenger switches. I’ve read the threads on this problem before, but here I don’t know where to begin to find out where the problem actually lies, the driver or passenger side, and where? Someone mentioned before that the passenger side is the last in the circuit, but it seems the problem may be in the driver side. Any suggestions?

yeah i’m the one that mentioned it is is last in the circuit. Do me a favor, next time it doesn’t work, go under your hood where the fuse panel is and jiggle somem of the wires. I mean push them into their contacts to make sure they are connecting. then try your window again. I find the vibrations from my motor tend to rattle them outa the contacts a little. Don’t ask me how i figured this out, but once i play with the wires for like 10 secs then try it again, it works. I’ll try to find an actual pic or diagram of what to specifically wiggle, but for now wiggle and push all of them in.

yeah ive been having the same problem, ill go and check what you said once it gets a little cooler tonight