First Mod?

I bought my 93 GS automatic (id kill for a five speed) just a few months ago. Now that my car- funds are gradually recovering after the shock of having to buy the car itself, it’s time to mod the thing. I currently have a K&N air filter which yields very minimal power/mpg gains. I am currently leaning towards adding a cat-back exhaust… preferably an rs*r ex mag… but ive read that a header…preferably DC Sports…would actually make a better investment. If i do get an exhaust or header, id prob complement it with a generic ebay CAI. Put into consideration that it will probably be a while until I can put together enough dough for additional mods. Basically, this will be a stand- alone mod for a while. SO… if YOU had about 600 bucks, what would YOU do?

I would personally go for suspension upgrades first. But then again, I am anal about suspension. You have an auto (like me) so you might as well enjoy the ride,although upgrades like i/h/e are always safe. I like to feel like I’m slicing thru butter at 90+ in the curves on the highway - and you can do that with stock equipment if your suspension setup is still tight.

DC Sports discontinued the headers for our cars. I was going to get one myself…but I’m looking elsewhere now. I’m trying to find one with a 2.25" collector, but not having much luck. They’re either 2 or 2.5 inch.

a high-flo cat is another consideration. Does anyone know how much they might go for and where to get one?

A universal Carsound Cat 2.25" can range from like $70-150. Depends on where you look. CarSound Universal High-Flow Catalytic Converter

look for a b16 tranny. buy a rebuilt or new t3/t4 turbo and turbo manifold. or shocks/springs/sways.

… i dont think my budget would allow for a new transmission or a turbo and manifold. I also dont possess the mechanical know- how for a transmission swap, not yet atleast. Labor costs alone would break my budget

what you dont have in money you make up in lots, and lots, and lots of research. im probably more broke than you, but ive managed. funny thing is i probably have spent more or the same in tools as i have put in the car since i got it. not only that but im pretty impatient and just throw in things, but i always get back the money. fyi ive spent a year piecing my turbo kit together and still need a few more things…