fish-tail feeling

i notice that when when i get on the freeway, IF there are lines on the road, i feel the rear fish-tail.
i hate that feeling.
the bearings on the rims are fine, the lugnuts are torqued on right
any one knows what it can be?

I LOVE that feeling. seriously. hahaha. its probably some rear toe out.

is your car lowered excessively? i had that problem when my car was slammed. lifted it a bit and it went away, handled a bit better also

Trailing arm bushings FTW:)

its stock height, i BELIEVE(not 100% sure) its the original suspension.
i changed the trail arm bushings also, i had the cars’ 4wheel aligment

I used to have that feeling especially on cracks or lines on the on ramp. Felt like the car was gonna let go. Fixed the trailing arm bushing and Voila…all good

+1 for Trailing arm bushings. They are a big piece of rubber, that when they go bad, create a big hole your suspension can move in. At minimum, jack up the rear of your car, take the tire off, and look at the lower trailing arm, you will see the big bushing we are talking about, if original, its going to be atleast cracked, if not falling apart.

I had the same feeling in my DB1, ES all around, no more mushyness. I don’t think thats a word. :wink:

When u put the rta’s in ur db did u remmove the outer ring when u remove the bushing

Yeah check your bushings, everyone seems to overlook those when modding suspension. They are the most important part!!

if you read he said they were new already replaced by him and has a 4 wheel alignment

Can you give us the numbers on your alignment?