Fit 6 3/4" speakers in the front door

Hey I was just wondering if you could somehow make 6 3/4" speakers fit in the doors of the teg and what kinda work would be involved. Has anyone done this?

sure you could… it’s called customizing…you would get custom mounts made to fit the doors probably

close to it… i put in 6 1/4’s… no trouble really just had to make a few new holes for screws n thats it.

custom speaker mounts out of MDF, I charge 2hr to make them @ $40 per hour + $8 shop mat. = $88 CAN.
Not hard to make, takes some time to do them right, you can use the OEM speaker mount as a template to get the mounting part right,[ use 1/2" MDF fot that, the rest will just be round, [ outside diam. of speaker] discs with a hole,[ mounting diam. of speaker] cut into them , the thickness of the “discs” will depend on how deep the speakers are, mount the 1/2" MDF mounting plate you made useing the OEM speaker mounting plate as a template so it will use the same screw holes,[ longer screw] check depth to window, or window guide to outside of MDF plate, check speaker depth , the differance plus 1/8" or so for clearance, is the thickness of the “discs” you have to make, glue "disk/discs to mounting plates. done deal :cool: 94