fixed climate controls now cold & hot swich doenst work

ok I took about 3 hours to fix my climate control unit by following the teg tips, I put everything back and feel proud of my new bright white LED lights and that the green lights dont flicker. So I try to turn the knob to change it from cold to hot and it spins freely now. I took it out and I cant find anything thats unplugged or disconnected… Its just the inner gear that the knob attatches to and thats it.

ok so I took a trip to my local wrecking yard and took apart a climate control from a db to see how it works before I messed mine up. I dont think I broke or lost anything but still after 5 tries i cant get the knob to turn and work right. It keeps falling out of track then spins loosly.

Im at thei point that ill give anyone that has done this the right way $20 to do it for me. I already have the bezel and everythign out of the way so all you would do is fix or put the nob on right for me and get it working then i would reassemble everything back myself.

does anyone know if the gear needs to be synced in some way so it looks when turned left or right. when i turn it all the way to hot or cold the nob doesnt stop it keeps going until it falls out of track.

ok I fixed it. I was supposed to screw the black frame to the hold/cold swich yellow frame then tuck it in place before I put the climate control unit in. anyone have questions or need pics let me know.

:wink: im just curious to see how it came out… take a night-time, illuminated pic and post it.

I am having the same problem. I would like to see some pics if you don’t mind. My climate control only spins half way now, from cold to about inbetween hot and cold. It’s bee getting cold here in GA, and I need some heat ASAP. I am going to go try to mess with it, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

ok so I jumped out in the dam cold with nothin but flip flops, shorts and a young/small t shirt. I got a couple shots with my cell but none that do it any justice… their small leds that dont have a flood spectum of light, they pretty much light up in a straight beam so thats why some spots are brighter than others.

hey psyko does it only turn half way before it locks or does it fall out of its track… It could be a quick fix like opening it up and adding some wd40 on the moveing parts or lithium white grease for moveing parts. You can find them at any auto parts like autozone just ask around…

nice. i could imagine in person that it looks even brighter… i think ima go ahead and jump on that. tomorrow im going to this spot to get the LED replacements for the licsence plate… i might go ahead and get the interior ones while im at it.