FIXED: Ignition Issue.

Okay. I missed something very important. When I put the timing belt on, I was off by 1 tooth on the camshaft pulleys.

I put the belt on when the “UP” marking was straight up (in relation to the car). After re-re-re-reading the Helms they use 2 5mm punches to align the belt, one in each camshaft. So I lined up the TDC mark, and the holes on the shaft were 2mm off. I took the belt cover off, slid the belt off gently, and re-aligned the cam gears. The I slipped the belt back on (making sure that everything looked OK). and buttoned it all back up.

I just got back from a test drive. It’s a world of difference. I’ve worked on cars so much (never done a t-belt on a G2), that I overlooked the simplest thing.

Measure Twice (three times on occasion), Cut Once.

Thanks to all who helped (and those who might have suggested the obvious).

-P Roth
'92 GS