Fixing Speedometer

I have two noticeable problems with my speedometer which have been confirmed now that I have taken it out of the cluster:

  1. the speedometer resets clockwise (putting needle to 140)

Shoudln’t the the needle reset counter-clockwise to 0 (placing the little metal tab on the right side (right side in picture) of the white stopper? (picture is looking downward from the top of the assembly)

  1. the spring on the needle mast directly behind the faceplate is fubar

I need to know how to fix these. BTW - what does that spring do?

After further investigation, it seems the stopper only works for a clockwise motion (it doesn’t stop when turned counter-clockwise, just does a little jump over the stopper). I’m guessing that the spring on the front is to counter the natural clockwise resting postition of the bottom part of the speedo and that the spring tension is enough to rotate the speedo counter-clockwise to 0? Or am I just really getting this wrong?



The easiest solution would be to get a used replacement off of eBay. You could try and look for one with a similar mileage if you want, or just keep track on your own. Or maybe even try and advance a lower mileage one to the proper read-out for your car.

Adjusting mileage on a new used assembly is my fallback plan, but I’d still like to know what that spring does and if it’s possible to fix just the spring. If someone can school me on how the speedo actually turns the rotation of the speedo cable into what we see the needle do, I’m pretty sure it will answer both questions.


nobody knows how the speedo works?


dude most rebuild places do it for 60 bucks

I understand that it’s not too expensive to take it somewhere, or to just buy a new used one, but is it such a complicated component that no one knows how it works or how to disassemble it?

For me it’s kinda like changing oil, it’s almost as cheap to take it somewhere as it is to do it yourself and then you get free top offs, but I’d like to learn how it works and how to replace it myself.

I guess this is such a pain that no one has ever done it, but I figured some of the mechanics on the board could add to the knowledge base here.

maybe because 90% or so of people on here only have one speedometer that is currently in use in their cars and don’t feel running the risk of ruining it.


people have no need to mess with the speedometer in the first place, hence no info on it.

that spring is where the speedo cable goes into on the backside. Its allows for the needle to go back to 0. as you speed up it tightens and as you slow down it loosens.

Email me, I have an extra gauge cluster and have taken it apart before.

The mileage is 180K on it. Sh1t, I probably could change the mileage, too…

that spring is where the speedo cable goes into on the backside. Its allows for the needle to go back to 0. as you speed up it tightens and as you slow down it loosens.

So I was correct in my assumption. Thanks for the info. It sucks that it’s so fragile though…

Email me, I have an extra gauge cluster and have taken it apart before.

I appreciate the offer, but I already have a cluster on the way. I can take the cluster apart and get the speedo/odo assembly out myself, but if you know anything about how to take the speedo (needle, weight, etc) out of the odo part I welcome the input. I’m thinking that because the spring is so fragile, that it’s not really possible, but if you know something please let me know. Tks all!!

Acctually, there is a stopper that causes the spring to stop at 0 mph, and if the part goes beyond that, it’ll spring in reverse – towards 140mph.

To fix, you have to loosen up a few things, and force the stopper back on the other side, then tighten it back down.

This stopper is in the middle between the spring and the speedo cable hookup, it’s metal. Sorry no pics, but you can see it in your first pic on the first post.

I know this because when I had mine taken apart, the same thing happened to me… :slight_smile:

I thout about buying a jdm gauge for the 8000 rpm and puting my stock speedo in to have the mph has anyone ever done this.

This thread seems to be the closest that relates the issue I experienced today. I was driving at around 45 mi/h, accelerating, when I suddenly heard a high-pitched “WHEEEEEEEEE” and saw my speedometer go from 45 all the way around past 140 mi/h. I shut off the car and the speedometer needle stopped, facing down. I can still drive the car but the speedometer now shows that my speed is 20-25 slower than I’m actually driving (confirmed through GPS).

Does this have anything to do with the spring that was mentioned earlier? I’m not sure how I can “reset” the speedometer back to 0. I would also have to lube it up I’m assuming but I don’t think lubing it alone will fix my reset issue. Thanks guys!

My odometer is still accurate despite my speedometer needle being off by 18 mi/h. Can I just remove the plastic instrument cluster and push the needle back to where it needs to be?

I was able to take apart the clear panel in front of the cluster and carefully, slowly spin the speedometer needle around until I felt some resistance, and then went a little bit further from that. Each time I did that, the needle reset a little closer to zero (from the 140 - 0 clockwise). Eventually the needle resets at 0. Yay!

yeah DAintegra i’ve done it and have it installed in my db1 right now. pretty simple. i have the 92-93 speedo on it right now but i think the 90-91 speedo would make it look better.

You talking about the faceplate? I like the 92-93 speedometer faceplate better. It doesn’t have the yellow “55 mph” on it.