FL: 1991 LS Parts Car - Front End Collision

Got into an accident with my '91 LS, way too much damage for me to repair, so looking to sell it.

Whether or not the car is repairable, I do not know.

It’s a white 1991 Acura Integra LS 3D
5 speed, all stock
~250,000 miles
Daily driver
Jacksonville, FL

I was told when I bought the car that the engine was rebuilt, I do not know whether or not this is BS, but if it was rebuilt, then it has been around 50,000 miles there.

The engine ran fine after the accident, and when I got it home. When I tried to start it a week later, it will turn but not start (also makes a loud licking noise).

Other than than that, the rest of the car is in very good condition.

I’m asking $600 OBO.

Please PM for contact information.


More pictures available upon request!

Bump, if no interest in a day or two I’m throwing this on craigslist.