FL- 1992 Aztec Green GSR part out

Whole car parting out, many GSR and JDM parts, no time to post pics put look up any of my old posts. If you need something email me at

tact.medic at gmail

We can discuss pricing, availability on parts, etc.

Parts Availability?

What interior pieces do you have?

Also, looking for ABS pump motor, located under stock battery location

Do you have bumper plugs, front lip, or armest? Post some pics

Do you have the front emblem?

GS-R is off to a good home. Going to clean the garage so might find some parts still available.

Right now I know I have the valve cover with art painted on (nice), and a center console. Might have some other stuff in my bin, and post as I find stuff.

Best bet is to email me at tact.medic at gmail

I will respond right away.

why are you parting it? is it wrecked? I have a 92 GSR that is a salvage theft recovery with damaged unibody suspension passenger side, same color