FL Homestead Meet Best So Far!!!

Had to post these pics they are kick a**

How did you guys get out on the track…

bad ass :up:

The son of the guy holding the event races the white G2 thats out in front. There some more shots of us and their g2 at http://www.chinmotorsports.com

yes…i am jealous…my dreams are simple… drive my teg on a roadcourse against other cars in my class :smiley: looks like a great meet i would say hope u guys had fun but im sure u did have fun. :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

Yes, we did!!! And we’ll do it again in Oct. :cool:

Originally posted by MDaniel22
Yes, we did!!! And we’ll do it again in Oct. :cool:

why u gotta rub it in:P. ill take pics of me and my zanardi edition NSX red with bronze te37’s at laguna seca and make u jealous. j/k only in my :sleep: good sh1t man. i hope to get on a track next summer with a fast spooling b18a1 DA9. lets see some rolling pics next time :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

Rolling pics? Nah that’s boring… I’ll put up some video in the video forum.


that white one on deep dish white car is HOT!!! /// who drives that car?! ITS WIKED :drool:


Whos white gsr is that with the white rims slammed and the 3rd gen vtec emblem… He whipped my a$$ 2 days ago on Us1.?.. I know… im a :loser: but hey… it happens to the best of us


That’s Colin I believe.

Does anyone know what kind of setup he has??:think:

He keeps changing stuff. I can’t keep track.

I may be wrong, but i think its a b16 head on the b17 bottom end.


its a original b17 gsr engine… with a ls tranny… now i got a top end of like 150… im not sure… too afraid to go that fast… …

so far… wid da new trany… i toped out at 125 in 4th gear at 7900 revs… :cool:

cant talk about any mods… its my seceret!!

Do you remember smokin me down us1??? lol… props bro… nice ride…

oh yuh… its for sale though… email me at gsrjigga@hotmail.com… if any questions arise…!!

oh ya… da6integra… wat do u have?!

until i read the post… i thought u bakd out and didnt wana race me…
now u tell me that we were racing…???:burnout:

:squint: man… i didnt even get to go full throttle…
me an my freind got pisdd thinkin i wasted my gas on nothing

o well

We got up to like 80 but u how how cops are in pinecrest… didnt feel lik getting roped… u still would have klled me…lmao

true true… but ya… i like how u crept on me… i was real curious as to wat car was riding my bak.//…

the yellow fogs bring out your car at night.

I was coming from blak point… … ran two cars that night… then yours…

b17 wid ls trannyy… its a monster!!

I only have i/h/e… im not sure what to do next… do you mean all the rides that meet up at discount on old cutler???