FL: MSD/Mugen/HIDS/Skunk2 & more!

Please lock.

where you located? The strut bar looks sexy

I send you a text message!!

I see nada… txt me 4o7 922 O54Q

Haha I’m not the seller, i was talking to him.

What brand is the obd0 to 0bd1 harness?

I do apologize for anyone that has sent me a message or replied on here, I did not get any notification to my email.

Bumper lights are pending.
Jumper harness is no name brand.
Strut bar is located in Orlando, FL.

I want the bumper light!!! I text you but you do not answer!

I will be going to the post office around 10am. Thanks for your patience. I will keep you updated sir.

I’ll buy the strut bar ship it to mn?

Still have parts available, bumper lights are gone though

the mugen pedals authentic?

i dont know if i missed it or not…but the mats…what color are they and what’s the price for them

amber turn signals shipped to 54961?

Hiro FTW!!!

I don’t think they are, the package they are in isn’t what the real pedals come in. Only way to really tell is to take them out and look at the back of them

Here you go!
Hopefully this would help
Article is brought to you by my good friend @ Jerimiah Styles

How much for the strut bar shipped to 55118

Bump. Floor mats and jumper harness are sold.

You have any better pictures of the wing? PLease send to 425-502-0305