FL: no start, no crank issue

I went out to start the car today and everything on the dash lights up, car won’t crank at all. Checked the battery and
all the connections, checked the ignition switch, checked all my fuses

if I jump fuse 18 with 12 volts car will start right up, looking at the wiring schematic it would seem like it’s my starter
relay but I can’t find it.

Does anyone know where the starter relay is? I have searched the internet and nothing seems conclusive, pics would
be helpful if you have them.

I may have found it just need some clarification



Have you checked for power at the starter while someone turns the key over?

It is the starter relay. I have checked everything but that.


i believe it’s tucked in behind the stereo, above it, under the center vents, mounted to the dash bracing. its not in a pleasent spot, that’s for sure

and you’ve checked thatfuse 18 is good, yes? i know. silly question

Yeah, I checked that fuse, if I jump power to it with my Power Probe the car will start. I will pull the stereo in a minute and see if I can find it. Is it a standard Bosch relay??? Or some special deal that I can only get from Honda/Acura


yea i believe it’s an oe only part. definitely not our standard 5 pin relay anyways