FL: P30 ecu

Like the title says I need a P30 ECU please

I have one, but it’s been chipped w/ Hondata… Email me if you’re interested and we can talk about price. I have some photos too.

I’m just looking for a factory one thanks I need it for my OBD1 B16

I have one, i was running my jdm b16a on it fine, but moved to a chipped p28 for my new motor. I will sell it shipped to Daytona Beach, FL for you for $75 lmk

Is it virgin? can you send me some photos of it?

Yes as far as I know it is. I ran my b16a fine, no cels, and it didnt have any two step or shift check engine lighy, and vtec at 5600

Can you e-mail me a couple pictures of it? I would like one with the top cover off if possible.

I’ll grab some pics when I get off tonight at 8

No rush

Sorry it took so long

like i said i will do $75 shipped to you!!!

It looks good to me I’ll take it shoot me an e-mail with your paypal info please

Whats your email address?

My paypal is dylanwardwell@yahoo.com, and where do you want me to ship it too?

I’ll email it to you can I email you at the PayPal address?


Or it’d probably be easier to call or text me 512_644_0556, if it happens tonight I can drop it in the mail tomorrow morning

Payment Sent