flashing S3 and engine light?

i finally got my LEDs everyone and ive installed a few of them to find out some dont work. half of the guage cluster bulbs working, but for some reason the rest isnt.
ive been continuously taking it out and trying new things with little results. but i dont want to plug back in the speedometor cable because it was damn hard to disconnect (the other 4 are easy though, plus i need to plug em back in to test). anyways i have noticed while i drive the S3 box flashes in the cluster and eventually the engine light comes on. im thinking its probably because the speedometor cable is still disconnected and it doesnt like it…
but am i doing any harm leaving it like this while i figure out whats wrong with the bloody LEDs or should i plug it back in every time i need to use the car?

You’re getting the CEL because it can’t sense how fast you’re going (your speed sensor is a part of the cluster).

S3 may be related… not positive. It usually comes on if there’s an electrical problem in the tranny, but it may come on if the VSS isn’t working too. Does it start flashing immediately after startup, or only after driving for awhile?

its all good now, ive got all my LEDs in and the speedometor hooked back up so no more engine light or flashing s3 :slight_smile:

wow… this thread helped out A LOT!
g2ic is effin great! i just need a new cluster
and speedo cable end connector. :shrug:

yay im amazing! :smiley: