Flat Spots


I guess I should have included this with my other thread. I left my car in my garage for 2.5 months unmoved. The car wasn’t on jackstands. I read something about “flat spots” in another thread. I was wondering if someone could explain what a flat spot exactly is and if it is removable or what to do about it. Thanks alot.

Flat spots are commonly associated with tires. Imagine a perfect circle, and creating (literally) a flat spot. You will feel this as a bump as you travel at speed (increasing in annoyance as you increase your speed :slight_smile: ). There are two possible causes of this that I can think off the top of my head. 1) Wheels locking during braking, and 2) an unbalanced wheel.



the only way to get rid of a flat spot on your tires is to drive your car. Or you can buy new tires. The flat spot is caused by the cars weight sitting on one spot of the tire for a long period of time. I had a flat spot on my tires too, but after a while of driving and peeling out, I got rid of it. Good luck.