flex pipe between header and cat?

Hi All,
I installed my DC ceramic header on my 93 GS a few weeks ago. As it turns out, the donut gasket between the header and cat is pretty worn, so I know I’ll need to get a new one. No big deal.
However, the cat doesn’t perfectly line up with my header, so I’ve got a leak. It’s audible from within the car from around 2200-2800 RPMs.

I took it to an exhaust shop, the same place where I got my custom catback done 2 years ago. His suggestion was to cut off the flange on the header, and the flange on the cat and replace all of it with a piece of flex pipe. Personally, I would’ve thought that cutting the part where the catback meets the cat and reweld it on a slight angle, then it would line up, and well, problem solved.

He didn’t think so.

Any thought? Should I find a different exhaust guy? Oh yeah, for about 10 minutes worth of work on his part he wanted $100. Sounds mighty steep to me.


i’ve got the same problem, anyone with some help?

don’t cut the header> Cutting it will void any warranty that DC Sports offers. The header and cat flange don’t have to line up 100% as long as you can get the 2 bolts through. When you tighten up the bolts it should seat the dohnut into the cat flange.

If anything have your exhaust installer cut your custom cat back turn it to fit and reweld it.

Yep, that’s exactly what I told him to do, but he insisted he’d do it the other way.

I know I need a new donut gasket, so I’ll order one from Acura and see if that solves the problem.