Flip Out Deck?

Hey my friend is selling a flip out deck and im thinking about getting it but not sure if it will open up good because of the climate control area in the way. Has anyone seen a DA with a flip out?

i have a dual flip out in my car…it doesnt come out fully upright. ill try to post a picture tomorrow.

If installed at the bottom of opening, [pocket on top] it will work fine, depending on make and model.

I would try it first, remove what is in the opening now, connect power and ground for the “flip out” so you can flip the screen out and up as far as it will go then set it into the opening and see if it will work.

There are flip out HUs that will work because screen transport comes out far enough so screen can flip out and up to an angle that you can see properly without, [or just] touching the dash trim just below the climate controls. 94

Yeah well that is what i was thinking about putting it in the lower area. I will jsut have to test fit it sometime. I am thinking abotu jsut buying a double din and putting that in but idk, dont really want a dvd player visible in an integra. I live in Seattle and dont want my car broken in or stolen

lets see that pic :slight_smile:

oh sorry man but the picture isnt popping up

sorry heres the pic



Depends on the deck itself. I have the pioneer flip out and it wouldn’t work (even on the bottom) without some slight Modification.

My friend had a kenwood in dash and it slides out perfect, no mods.

What kind of deck is it?

Double din radio ftw

it was a dual deck, but i have just decided to put in a double din deck. should look sweet