Flooding in my trunk 0_o

It’s been raining quite a bit lately in sunshine California and LA is no exception.
This morning on my way to work, I slowed down a bit abruptly on a downward inclined road and I hear what sounds like a wave of water from behind me.
Low and behold, when I looked at the rear carpet it was wet.
I later got off the road and parked to see how much water my trunk had stored and it was crazy… it reached to about 3/4 of the donut reserve :uhoh:
I think the leak is coming from my taillights that are getting wet on the inside.
Anyway, I was hoping some of you have had to deal with this problem and you have some tips or guides to take care of it.

Ok I might have exaggerated a little, anyway here are the pics.

most likely tail light gasket is worn. if u got a hatch check that too. search trunk leak. u’ll get more info.

After i replace my taillights every time i washed my car there was a small lake in the back(my car is stripped). So i just added some caulking/weather stripping (thing that came in a tube)around the taillights and bam shit never leaked.

should of bought my taillight gasket i had for sale! just sayin…

how much are those anyways? just curious, even tho i don’t need one.

its either $33 for one or two oem replacements… i dont remember

Exact same scenario happened to me too man, it ain’t pretty thats for sure. Mine was lack of taillight gaskets. So, what I had to do was strip down ALL of the interior carpet to get it to properly dry. Then I stood outside and hosed down the rear section of the car, while my pops stayed inside and saw where it was leaking from while the interior was stripped down. IMO, one of the most effective ways to properly tell where its actually coming from. Sixty dollars later (new gaskets) then BAM! No mo leak. Good luck.

god damn 60 bucks??

my dealer was tryin to push em for 36 each, then i went online and it was 18.xx each, came out to 45.xx shipped to cali

i had em for sale here for 40. shippped - SOLD

There’s a TegTip in the articles forum about a replacement gasket you can use instead of paying for the stock ones.

Also, there is a drain plug near where the stock jack is housed. It’s probably stuffed up with debris. Clear that gunk out and your trunk will be able to drain properly.

no way? for real? there’s a drain down there? i gotta check that out tomorrow

Isn’t there also a drain for the sunroof in the trunk area. I believe that can be a point of water coming into the trunk also.

Well water isn’t supposed to be getting in anyway, but I’m sure that drain hole was put in there in case water settles there, so it has a way out of the trunk and not cause too big of a problem. The water flows out through that drain hole and then out through either side of the rear tow hook. Make sure those places as well aren’t stopped up with debris.

Well seems like the rain will end this week, with that I will get a look at the gaskets and see if the sunroof needs repair too.
Anyway, I took a picture of my trunk before I cleared the water out.
Though I haven’t had time to upload it yet, hopefully tonight when I get home.

finally got to put the pics up.
attached on the first post

yes there is

thats what caused my leak
here is the link for the teg tips section also

I found that the two holes do a great job in draining the water as long as they are not clogged.
They do get clogged easily though, so it still sucks >.<

Hi! Are those taillight gaskets OEM 33503-SK8-A01 or what is their number? I use this site http://www.acuraoemparts.com/delray/jsp/home.jsp to check the OEM numbers. But if some one could make it sure, that those are what I need if my 4dr LS leaks water into the trunk, I would appreciate it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

yea, dats da right part number for a tail light gasket. are u getting water into ur taillights?

Yeah, I´m getting water both to the taillights and trunk. Especially trunk. :smiley:
I must go to the local Honda store to ask the price of the gaskets (here in Finland). Any idea which would be the best place to buy new or used taillights for 4dr ´90 Integra in america or canada? Ebay is flooding 2dr taillights, both oem and aftermarket, but 4dr taillights I can´t find anywhere… :shrug: