floor mats

I’ve been planning to order some new floor mats from an Acura dealer. For Christmas however I got a Momo leather shift knob and now I’m thinking about a whole Momo theme. Now I’m thinking about ordering some Momo mats. I know how the stock ones fit but don’t know how the Momos are. I am really anal about keeping my interior clean so I like a mat that fits well, meaning I don’t like when they are small and allow dirt or whatever to get all over the carpet. So if anybody has them or has seen them then let me know please. Pictures would be a plus. Thanx in advance for any info on the mats or any other Momo products such as door sills etc.


Your going to have to go after market. the dealer only can get the beige mats anymore. THat is unless you just happen to run across a set sitting in someones back room