Flywheel/clutch problem

I am having a problem getting my teg to go into gear. I am using a zex ultra ligtflywheel which is made by jun and an ACT 6 puck Xtreme. I have contacted act and have recieved 3 diferent t bearings from them none of them working. It almost goes int gear but from under the hood when i lift the fork arm byhand it doesn’t hit the pres plate until about 2/3 of the movement leaving only 1/3 to disengage the clutch. The to bearing i am using now is just like the factory one (went acura and matched it up) Not only that but i sometime when starting the starter grinds the flywheel and nw i am wonderig f the offset on th flywheel i wrong or if i need a spacer btwn the flywheel and rank or what? If anyone has had any probem with anythig simlar or with flywheels more specifically( i have pretty much ruled out the clutch as the problem part) please let me know what you have had and more importantly what you have done t correct it. All information will be greatly appreciated. Thanx