Fog light bulb replacements

Okay, I just bouhgt some APC Super White bulbs for my headlights. They look really cool BUT I was wondering if I can replace my fog lights with some bulbs that are the same color like the super white ones (but are FOG LIGHTS)? Because when I turn on my fog lights they look really gay cause u got white headlights and then yellow fog lights. I was also wondering if i can replace the corners with white bulbs too. LMK at or post thanx.

:vomit: APC

but neways… PIAA makes fogs, and their headlights are better than APC’s…they’re legal too…


allright man thanx. I was thinking of a brand that was really good BUT I couldn’t remember it. Now u reminded me of it, PIAA. I think I’ll prolly buy some of those. Thanx.