fog light fuse problem

i have the fog lights rewired and they work fine.

One of my bulb fused so i got another fog bulb from another Teg when i went to junkyard. So now i have 2 different but similar fog bulbs.

The problem is everytime i turn it on, it burns the fuse, i replaced it 5 times it blows the moment i turn on the fogs. and that too with 15amp fuses that come with toolbox set.

Is this possible because of 2 different bulbs? or short somewhere?

i’d suspect a shorted bulb. since an H3 is about $5 either online ( or at your local pep boys/autozone/etc, go buy a matched pair of H3-35W bulbs and you’ll probably be fine.

The bulb you put in is shorting out,remove it ,and see if problem gos away, may be wrong bulb, or a short in bulb itself. 94

what do you mean by shorting out?

both fogs light up for 1 seccond and then fuse blows

The bulb is slightly different for sure, because it has different colour tone, but, its from another integra, so wattage should be same or similar atleast

Problem started after you changed bulb,soooooooo, it has to be the bulb or something you did when you changed it :frowning: , remove it and see what happens :stuck_out_tongue: 94