Fog Light Installation

I went to autozone today to get a replacement fog light.

So, obviously, they sent me in the H3 direction (they only had one in stock).

Anyway, i bought it, took it out to my car and popped out the fog lamp… I noticed that where the light connects to the wiring, it was like a tiny cylinder that connected to it, not like the bulb i bought, which looked like the gold part in this picture->

Is this something that is normal, or did someone have fun with it?

And if it is not normal, what do I need to do in case the other one is like that and i need to change it?


this is normal. I just removed old connecter and replaced with a flat female connector.


you could just flaten your circular one (which I’ve seen done). What butchery!!!:mad:

Cool, thx.

stupid domestic crap :wink: