Fog Light Rewiring

I want to re wire my fogs to turn on independently
so if i go the route of cutting the wire and connecting it to the fuse box
will the turn of when the car is off?

Do not use the Teg Tip to rewire the fog lights, it is the wrong way to do it, although not much of a load it is still a load you are adding to a circuit, [rear window defog].

Just pick the correct free pin, [2nd ign.] on the under dash fuse box, and they will turn off with the ign. 94

ok thanks i didnt wanna use the teg tips because i saw earlier post of wiring it to the fuse box. but what kind of wire do i use to connect to the red wire and what do i use to connect it to the fuse box slot/.???

The current draw is very low, you can use the same gauge as the wire you cut, I use 24/26 gauge with a 3A in-line fuse.
For the connection to the free pin you need a red, female, fully insulated quick disconnect… .94

So doing it that way…will our fogs be still able to be on when we turn on our high beams?

Yes, the fog lights can be on anytime the ign. switch is on.94

So what slot # is it that you are supposed to plug this wire into on the fuse box?

never mind I have found it in the tips section

i just did that this weekend only i usd 16g wire and no inline fusewould that be why my fogs dont look as bright ???

so an inline fuse meaning like something an amp wire has. that sort?

something like that goto an auto zone lol thats where i saw it

Yes, something like an amp power lead fuse, just smaller, as all you need is a 3A, [at most] fuse, get one of these… then you can use an ATC fuse, just like the rest in the fuse box. 94

ok cool ya i couldnt find one at the autozone. and the only had 18gauge wire. which i think is ok.

18ga will work, although it is bigger then needed, it can’t hurt. 94

sweet lol im gonna try to find some smaller wire

ok well i got everything i need besides wire but i thought maybe i could use like that 12v wire that amp kits come with? and what wires i cut? and what do you mean by capping off the unused wire?

I assume you mean the amp remote wire out of the amp kit, if so yes you can use it.

The lead you cut is the red/yellow going to the fog light switch, connect the extension wire to the switch end of cut red/yellow and cap of the other cut end so it can’t short out as it will be hot, [12V+] when head lights are on, [low beams]. 94

it worked great thanks for the help.

teg tip fog light

hey why shouldnt you use the teg tip to rewire the fog lights??

You are adding a load to an existing circuit that is fused for that existing load.

Although not a biggie, the load you are adding is very low, the fuse box has free pins that are there so you can add loads, so why not use them??? 94