Fog lights and cruise

i have a 90 ls, the cruise does not work. the light comes on, but it does not set. the fog lights do the same thing, i hit the button and it lights up, but the lights don’t come on. also the cooling fan will keep run when the car is off, and the engine is cold, could it be most likely a relay or the sender? any clues on whats up would be helpful. thanks.

Just to make sure:

You may have to hold the SET button for ~2 seconds for it to set the first time. Make sure you’re over 30MPH too.

The foglights only come on when your headlights are on (low beam).

You know all this?

yes, i know all this. thanks. maybe i should have clarified the questions, lights are on, i push the fog lights switch to on, it lights up, but the fog lights don’t. cruise crontrol does not set at freeway speeds or any speed for that matter. and i use the proper proceedure to set it. i’ll have to check on the plastic plug behind the pedals.

About the fan that stays on, first thing I’d ask… Is there coolant in your radiator, or a leak?

… make sure the car is COLD for over 2 hours before attempting to open the radiator cap to check it.

yes coolant is full. no leaks.

for the fog lights, did you try checking the fuse? or seeing if the bulbs are blown? very simple things you could have checked out.

yes, bulbs are good and so is the fuse. another item i should have clarified at the top of the post. all basics have been covered with all the problems. I put the post up to see if the problem was something not in the norm (i.e. fuses, low coolant, etc).

Your car doesn’t overheat as well, I assume?

no overheating. car runs fine.

What about thermostat?