Foglight and Stereo Help Needed...

OK, Just to let people know first off, i have seached and checked the teg tips and found nothing that helped.

Foglights…I installed new bulbs, super white bulbs that are the same wattage as the fogs that were in the car originally, the worked fine for about 10 mins, i turned the car off and ran in the house to grab something, came back out and started the car, the fogs came on and then came off about 2 seconds later. all of the connections are fine, the fuse in the car is fine, the fuses under the hood are fine, the grounds are still connected, the bulbs are fine, but they just will not come back on.

Stereo…installed JVC 1150 deck, pioneer 800w amp, 2 pioneer 6x9 speakers and a rockford 15" sub. if i turn the volume up over about 20 the deck will start to turn on and off randomly, once even opening the passenger door turned the deck off. The car has a new battery and alternator so i know its not being starved on power. any guesses here would be nice.

Thats it, I hope someone has a couple answers.

on the fogs: did you touch the bulb at all? if so, then the are burnt. if thats not teh problem, then your switch could be the problem.

not sure about your audio woes, i have honda components(deck, equalizer, cd changer)except memphis audio speakers.

Don’t know if this helps, but anyways I have having problems with my deck turning on and off but it was really sparatic. The problem was the fuse panel. I guess the wire or something in the fuse panel that powers the deck was loose, just went and tighted things up and it was all good.

Bout your stereo troubles: the usual suspect to this kind of problem is bad grounding: check to make sure that every component of your stereo, speakers, amp, sub, is grounded properly to the chassis or chassis connection of your car.