Foglight ?? (searched)

I searched and found nothing about this.

I wanted to do the teg tips Re-Wire the foglights thing, but I went to pry off the switches and I could get the face to ‘pop’ on the bottom, but how does the rest of the face come off (don’t want to break 'em).

Also, any truth to the myth that the rear defroster will work ‘slower’ or perform below par? How about blowing a fuse when using both? Thanks. :squint:

Just keep prying… If you look at how “deep” you went to get the bottom to pop up, it’s just beyond that distance.

As far as blowing a fuse, I don’t know that it could happen… basically all you’re doing is giving the foglight switch a “always on” power source, instead of a power source that is “only on when headlights are on”. You’re not overloading anything - it’s not like you’re giving the fogs a higher voltage than they need, or anything.

Also… wrap up your spliced wires well with e-tape!!! I didn’t get mine to stay connected until I took out my dash for white gauge faces, I went in 2 times via popping them out from the dash, and both times it came unhooked… so don’t be lax in taping the finished product :wink: