forget the intake. just a filter?

good idea?


Lol, okay why not? A little more explainy preeze :slight_smile:

You want the air being pulled in to be cooler. Might as well keep the stock pipe and add the filter there.

air traveling through theintake pipe has a chance to pick up speed and cool down.

no man, that air is gonna b hot as hell n itll kill ur mpg n performance

Also an intake tube provides a vacuum source for the pcv valve so that gases can be sucked from the valve cover.

Ah yeah, that makes a lot of sense, thank you :slight_smile:
I figured there was a heat issue, forgot about the pcv though :stuck_out_tongue:

just to clarify. the pcv valve is connected to the intake manifold and not the intake tube. also air enters the valve cover from the intake tube and exits at the rear of the block where the black box is which is where you’ll find vacuum.

More heat is better for fuel but bad for performance.
Takes less fuel to burn when hotter air and if when colder uses more fuel.

Ever notice summer if u drive normal get better mileages on most or some cars and in winter get shitty gas mileages or at least notice how u see more black soot in exhaust as it is much richer or fuel not being burnt etc.

I see to it this way with my car the least and from reading online…
Though HOT is bad for performance.

Anyway using just that filter will make ur car scream much louder and vibrate crazy. I tried it before for couple days didnt like it at all and the thottle response is faster too tho