Form Function 2, not sure what application

So I found a set of form functions coilovers that I may pickup; however, the individual doesn’t know what application they are from. I am assuming they are from a dual wishbone civic or integra (ie ef,da,dc,eg,ek…) and I would appreciate a second opinion. The sooner the response the better.

Are there any part numbers listed on the coilovers?

he said “The two smaller pieces have “044_06” written on them. The other pieces do not have any other markings.”

I tried looking at different models online, but they reuse pictures on most.

he also gave some rough measurements:

Approximate Dimensions:
Overall Length: 18" & 16"
Diameter of the top: 4 1/4"
Diameter of the bottom cylinder of the smaller two OD: 1 1/4"
Diameter of the bottom cylinder of the smaller two ID: 1"
Diameter of small hole that a screw would go through connected
the U shaped piece at the bottm: 3/8"
Length Between the edges on the U shape bottom piece: 2"

the od diameter seems small, but it says approximate dimensions. Our forks id are 1.5 and the eg/dc are 1.6.


Try and contact F2 and give them those specs. That’s what I would do.

Thanks, already have and am waiting for reply.

So it looks like they will work, thanks.

worst thing that can happen is you need DC front forks…

Well they turned out to be da application, but I missed out on them.