found an xsi for sale in virginia!

I AM NOT THE SELLER OF THIS!! (even tho i wish i was) so do not contact me about buying it.

Nice find!

Called about this car with no luck on getting a returned call hope tomorrow I get the call and hopefully I can drive this car back to Ct!

Woah! Even has OEM sideskirts… Am I the only one who finds that odd?

if any of you do buy this please let me know! i would love to see this car in person :cloud9:

Very cool! If anyone is interested in importing any cars and wants to pay upfront, one of my best friends has imported a few cars for people (on the east coast).

you know, my car is for sale…

Boy I feel stupid…I thought the first VTEC was introduced in 1992…1989???So it was around for 3 yrs??!Interesting indeed…anyone know more on the history of these rare cars??

GSR in 92 was the first VTEC integra introduced to the U.S. market. We never got the Xsi our way hence it is 89 which had the B16 and not the B17 we got here in the U.S. with the GSR aka Black Sheep…

Left an email with them but I may be too late as well. If available I will make the drive down from Boston to personally pick this bad boy up. This is a keeper for sure. Good luck to anyone that picks her up…

on that note everyone stay away I want it:gunright::gunright: