Found plain modular rims.

Here is a link to the site:

A set of 15x7 rims in silver or black sell for $45.00, chrome for $65.00. A nice clean alternative for those wanting to remove there high priced rims during the winter.

The company appears to be in Milwaukee WI, just south of me. What 15" rim size would be best for a daily driver car with an 1" to 1.5" drop? If you could, give me the dimensions, ex 15x7 with 4.5" backset.

Take Care.

Um, yeah

“Stock Car Lites are only available in 5x4½”, 5x4¾" and 5x5" bolt patterns."


:read: Not the SCL’s, the regular Stock Car model. I believe there is another model there as well. The available sizes are on the list, it’s only the lite model that is restricted in size. In fact, alot of sizes are considered special and cost an additional $10ea.