found something that dont belong in oil pan.....

well dropped the oil pan to replace the old leaking gasket and found this…
anyone know what it might be from?

no bottom end noise or excessive vibrations so im doubting bearings
all opinions or advise much appreciated

better pic?

any more pics…and are there shavings or did u just find that …

yea sorry about the pic…didnt turn out as well as i thought it would. no other pieces or shavings anywhere just at the bottom of the pan. they were copper like/color. look like they had some wear markings on them, like rubbing wear. were similiar to if you were to sharpen a pencil, the shavings.

hope that helps some.

was the motor put together recently…

just a new head gasket.
otherwise the bottom end has about 241,xxx miles…if its even the original motor

from the sounds of it, it is probably the rod/main bearing they tend to do that when breaking in or driving the the car hard.

Damn, I dont think so dude. Unless it was poor built of course.

After I built my B20V and did my first initial break in oil change didnt have that much shit in it.