fpr with stock engine, or fuel pump

i was wondering if it would be safe to put an aftermarket fpr on my stock 92 ls… i am planning on doing a lot with the engine but if i got a fpr would it be bad to put it on just the stock engine… what about a fuel pump… would a better one be benificial or what … i dont know anything on fuel pumps… what does 255lps mean… could i just throw a new fuel pump on the stock engine?

no point to upgrade the fuel pump on the stock engine…and fpr wouldn’t do anything bad, but if ur engine is stock u don’t relaly need it. I’d get something like IHE and or cams before thinking about an fpr.


thanks i know about the engine just nothing about the fuel injection part… what is IHE??? would new injectors do anything?

do a search bud.

Injectors/fuel is the last step of your upgrades.

you’re ijectors are fien to around 200hp orsoemthing I think it was.

IHE = Intake/Header/Exhaust