Free Gains in HP

Im curious I heard many people talking about advancing timing, is it worth the extra hp to always have to run 92 octane fuel. Does doing this wear on your motor faster. Also curious about tightening throttle cable thats a new one Ive heard. Also is it worth it and how do you tighten it. Just looking for any edge I can get while on a limited budget.

These mods are similar to replacing plug wires, they won’t magically create more hp, but will restore your engine to it’s full running potential. I’ve done both and although I’m not out challenging Porsches, I have noticed she seems to be running at her full potential. The gas thing wasn’t a big deal since I always run premium, for fear of the dreadful cheap gas pinging.

I have done both of those too.
By tightening the throttle cable all your doing is taking out the little bit of slack that is in it from the factory. No gains in any way except for a little better throttle response.
Now the advanced timing on the other hand is awesome. It will make your car accelerate faster and have much better throttle response. I love it like this and definately recommend it to anyone who doesnt mind spending the extra cash on premium gas. I have to run premium anyway because of my cam timing…


Thanks for the input ill have to try it out this weekend. I guess its a good idea to run out all the regular unleaded fuel and fill w/ premium.

I guess its a good idea to run out all the regular unleaded fuel and fill w/ premium.

Yeah, just get your tank to “E” then fill it up with premium and do the work. You will be good to go…


Think that advancing the timing on the B17 will help???

I run 92 normally as required…

I’m tightening the throttle cable in the AM and removing some of the lower heat shields. Will letcha know how that works out.


you should run supreme anyways. you actually save money in the long run. you get more MPG. trust me

Theres one place not far from me that sells 104 octane “racing gas”. Anyone ever heard of that or use it and what effect does it have if any?

104- octane will make your car run faster, but it’ll allow you to run your engine more vigerously, which means you can davance it more if you want and you won’t get the pinging and knocking

My step dad races and runs 110 octane in his 89 golf gti with with the timing advance to 35 degrees. But it colst like 10.00 a gallon or something like that