Fresh Air/Recirculating Air Control

I searched…but couldnt find…

Has anyone had a problem on an RS with this vent control?

If so does anyone know of a write up to fix it?

Mine lets in exterior air constantly, and I need to shut that shit out…


recirculate vent problem too

I have the same problem can I take it out and put in one from the junk yard. mine is broke and stuck on recirculate but the little handle will go to fresh but it wont open someone please help us

I don’t have the wiring diagrams next to me or anything but I recently had to test some of these things in an LS, with A/C (not working). I think it is the same idea for the recirculating/fresh control in general.

You can unplug the harness from the servo (whatever you want to call it) that switches between the two states and you can test to see if it is working at that end (basically, hook up power to one pin, and it will switch to one state, power on another and it will switch back). If this works, then something in your dash is just getting old and the connections are going bad or something like that.

If the RS controls are like the LS controls they often need resoldering. Pop out the control box and behind the buttons in the box on the PCB there will be 4 joints per button. I would resolder all of them. Should fix the part for a good long while.

If your ONLY worried about switching to recirculate/fresh and you never want to put it back for some reason, doing the test and leaving it in one position may handle that for you. I don’t know if the fan runs on the same cables which would require you to reconnect them.

RS uses sliders and cables, not buttons and electronics. I would guess that a cable has either snapped or is stuck.

My RS has the same problem. There is a plastic part that is broken off in the dash control part so I don’t think it is fixable, just replaceable. On my list of things to do, but looks like a bitch of a job to replace. If you reach up under the dash behind the glovebox you can manually move the cable to interior only so you’ll get better a/c cooling.

I have an RS and suffered the same problem. I was able to fix it. The problem in my case was the BLOWER FAN unit on the heater unit (this is the fan that actually makes the air circulate. The BF is located under and behind the glove box.

  1. Remove 2 screws from the lower right dashboard cover (plastic cover under glove box)

  2. Remove 6 screws from the glove box, pull it a little and unplug an electrical connector to the glove box.

  3. Remove the lower kick panel (plastic panel near the door) and then remove one bolt that holds the automatic seat belt control unit

  4. Remove the metal knee bolster plate (two screws on the right side of the metal plate)

  5. If you have AC, remove the AC band which looks like a metal band that holds the Blower attached to the heater.

  6. Remove 3 bolts that hold the Blower Fan (one at the bottom and 2 on top, left and right)

  7. Magically pull and Blower Fan out.

  8. Disconnect the Recirc control cable and electrical connectors.

The Recirculation cable is connected to a metal arm that moves a door that lets the outside air come into the car. The problem in my case was that the hinge that holds the recirc door was corroded and was stuck. I went out and buy another blower unit and install it.
Put everything back in reverse and done. Fresh and recirc working again.

If your problem is that the Blower Fan only works in certain speeds then it’s the Blower Resistor the one that has failed.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures but hopefully this will give you a clue on what to do.


this is what broke in mine… wasnt able to change from fresh to re-recirc etc… so i put a bolt thru from one side to the other… its a bit hard to explain but you’ll see what i mean when you open it up… seems to be a very common problem.

just a bump cause i searched…

mine has the same problem, and i stuck a bolt through just like stated above. It worked for a few months but then now it only works one way, and that’s when the switch is moved towards fresh air. When the slider is pulled towards recirculation the door just moves only a little and i have to manually close the door to recirculate.

how do i get to the cabling in the back? looks like a pain in the butt. I’ve already removed the glovebox and the dash panel w/ the vents