From B18 to B16A...I Need Help....

I have a 1990 Integra 4-door GS 5-speed. My stock B18 has bad rings and I am wanting to swap for a B16A. I have the ECU already for the VTEC and don’t need the transmission because my stock one was just rebuilt a year ago. All’s I want to buy is the B16A long block but want to make sure in buying it that I don’t need many more parts to get it installed. What help can you give me so that I know exactly what I need to make this swap happen?

First off you need to rethink your idea about keeping the LS tranny with a Vtec engine. Unless you plan on going turbo I would highly recommend that you get the Vtec tranny. Just be sure its a 91 or earlier so your clutch will work with it. These have a smaller output shaft than the 92 on cable trannys. I cant think of too many parts you would need. Your mounts will work, Im pretty sure the exhaust will bolt up, you just swich your wiring harness over and run a vtec wire to the vtec solonoid.

you also have to run a wire for the 2nd O2 sensor and the knock sensor. One thing that you might need is a new fuel line depending on what car the B16A came out of. If it came out of a CRX Sir the fuel line will be too short, and will not reach the fuel filter. Most other parts can be taken off of your B18A. You will need to use the B18A harness on the B16A because the main harness plugs are on the opposite side. The JDM B16a (Right drive) plugs are on the right side of the motor while the USDM B18A (left drive) is on the left side of the engine.

Its pretty straight forward. you can find more info in Dan’s swap guide in tegtips.


I just want to make sure I’m not gonna end up FUBAR.