Front camber kit set to +3degrees - should I have to bend this much?!!!

I have the front ingalls +3 degree camber kits on my car. I need to set them all the way out to +3 degrees but I’m having a problem. (BTW, I already searched for this) I can get them in and set them to +3 with ease … but I can’t seem to hammer enough metal to keep the upper control-arm from hitting the body.

I already bent the metal piece out of the way that sits vertically that is part of the unit-body. The upper-arm clears this just fine now.

My prob is the tip of the upper control-arm is hitting the metal that sits horizontally, that is a little closer to the side of the car from the big hump (under the hood). I now know that this “hump” under the hood is where the upper arm reaches its peak under the inner-fender. (The hump under the hood, by the shock mounting, with the rubber plug in the hole that serves no purpose)

I tried hammering this up from underneith (I hated to do this to my car!), but the arm still hits that flat part. I am affraid to do this anymore b/c you can start to see the metal bending from under the hood too and the paint is cracking a little bit!:shock: BTW - I am sure this is where the arm is hitting b/c I can see and feel it when the car is on the ground.

Has anyone else had this prob with the ingalls +3 setting. Did you have to bend your car up like this too? Were you ever able to bend enough to where the arm doesn’t hit the body? Please help! I really need it! Thanks in advance!!!