front clip?

i was looking at and and was wondering wouldnt it be easier and cheaper overall just to buy the front clip with the motor,trans with all the other stuff? i was just wondering because ive been searching around about my 90’ integra and im thinking about puting a B16A in it or B17A. here are the two front clips i have been looking at give me any sugguestions you have.

i’d say go for it if you can pick up locally. i imagine shipping on something that big and heavy would cost an arm and a leg.

i actually got my motor and various weird peices of my car from a front clip. i was lucky though, there is a shop nearby that has stacks and stacks of civic and integra half cuts. they delivered for free since it was like 10 miles away and it cost me $1750 on the nose. thats with no body panels though.

specs were - 29,xxx miles.
non-obd, 1990 b16a with S1 trans.
CLEAN as fuck.

maybe compare to what you’re looking at and go from there…

shipping for the frontclip from tiger is $500 bucks and for extreme is? but whats also cooll about the one from tiger is that it comes with a rhd dash and some other stuff. i doubt i have anything local im in IN. im trying to figure out what the better deal is.