front driver side wheel pushed back?

hello all. i am a new member of the g2ic and i have a problem. my front driver side wheel is pushed back towards the door but the passenger side is dead center. and its rubbing my inner fender well everytime i make a left turn. any ideas on what it is? thanks in advance

I had the same problem. my front lower control arm was bent for some reason.I replaced it and it put the wheel back almost to dead center.
check that it might be it

yea check that but also check ur caster rod (radius rod) and see if its still even on there. if the bushing is old and torn the control arm will get shoved back when driving forward.

alright thanks alot i’ll check on those things tomorrow morning and let you guys know. i’ll post some pictures of it to show you what it looks like maybe tomorrow:)

the pics won’t help in diagnosing the issue cuz there are only a few possibilities for the issue. u either have some bent suspension parts… lca, steering knuckle, strut can be bent, radius rod bent or broken or loose, crossmember (front or rear) one could be damaged, or setback… from a collision.