Front Driver Wheel Help

Okay, so the wheel on my front driver side is position too close to the front of the door. It doesn’t really bother me cause I have no problem with it, except it looks off. The passenger side is alright I don’t know what’s causing this.I don’t know what the problem is, can anyone help me out. I’ll try and get pics. I appreciate your guys help much. Thanks

i’ve been wondering about my own driver side wheel.
thought maybe pics of mine might help with yours.

it seems to have, (or had) forward/backward play.
i can see rub marks in the fender liner infront and behind the wheel, but i cant find any for sure indication as to what is causing this. or if it even still happens.

i experiance a bit of bump steer, and there is some rub noise from the left front if i hit a bump or dip just right.
so if you happen to figure out whats going on with yours, please post an update.

pics turned out ok for a phone camera.

rub marks:

bad bushing? (note the arrow pointing at where there seems to have been some contact in the past, im thinking the previous owner broke something and caused that.):

the bar going towards the bumper looks fairly new and solid, but a tiny bit loose? that combined with the bad bushing might be what gives me the play and noise. maybe you should inspect yours too.:

^ Hmmm. Thanks for helping. Ay I think that the bar from the bumper on my car is off. I think I should fix the bushings on it. I’ll check on it and let you know whats going on.