front end suspension good, rear however is a teeter totter

ST springs, drop F 2.0" R 1.8" shocks kyb gr-2’s
Anyways my problem is, lets say your cruisin down the highway and you barely jerk the wheel, the front pushes just for a mil sec. Then SNAP it turns like a bitch now when at this very moment you can feel the rear end like it wants to come around even tho by now I have already straighten the wheel so does anybody get what Im saying? Every piece of my suspension is new & all poly bushings & everything is tight. I have tried many different springs ( altho they were ebay) but no difference at all. Could it be the cheesy kyb’s + stock sway bars?
Thanks in advance

would the word “lag” be good enough to describe the feeling?

do you have power steering?

I guess you could call it “Lag” but I think more of a Over steer I think? Yes I have power steering & also to add to my complaint I have sunny tires with full tread no wear 215/40/17’s but when i was running 205/40/17’s it didnt do it as bad but it wandered real bad goin down the highway

hmm… odd. i would say try with a normal set of wheels and see what happens. youre using a pretty wide tire so maybe that has somehing to do with it. i cant say i fully understand what youre going through…

Op. I got a similiar issue as you.

Seems that if you have the wrong set of tires, the car will feel mushy/spongy at highway speeds especially when changing lanes abrubtly. They said the brand new Kumhos that i’m running says the side walls are too soft. I thought it was my Koni/neuspeed set up but I guess I’m was wrong.

Well ima try and find somebody to see if they’ll let me swap wheels for a min I always did have the tires n tha back of my mind but being only 5 months old i was like, Naa , cant be !! But i know better with tires. You do get what you pay for.