Front end

Iam new to this world of cars, so dont be harsh
Just got my first car. Honda integra SX16 apparantly americas call em acura which is cooler.

heres the big thing i wanna change on my little beast iam kinda over these popup head light and wanna change the hole front end of my car to be the G2 style is this posible?? or cant it be done?? or can i make some kinda of fitting and put some other type of non popup head light in?

ne ideas welcome

Im guessing this is a G1 integra, and if it is, I have no idea about the dimensions or anything.

But anything can be done with some $$$

yeah correct its a G1 yeah there are heaps where i live and not many G2 so iam kinda cut about that but i love the beast.
just put new air filter with 3inch custom pipe sounds tuff now for some reson.

I dont know what to do next tho, kinda dont wanna pay lots of insurance so not doing nething to the engine or stuff like that till older, so just making it look smick, not going to mention spoilers on this site either read the other thread about alum spoilers funny as, attach a piece of rice to the back of your car and hold it to the ground. like my standard rubber slate on the back of my car

well cheers neways i recon ill get some conversion for the front either civic or prelude or something along those lines always honda.

97+ prelude headlights :shrug: