front Hub, bolts broke tire flew need help

My sister has been driving the integra while i’m working on getting her toyota working. The other day she took off w/ my keys to the crx on the chain and had to come back, on the way back the tire came off. She’s been driving the car for over 4 months, typical person who just feeds gas and nothing else. I could have prevented it, but i figured that she would have been smart enough to tell me the steering wheel was wobbling.
So i’m :read: 'ing my helms trying to get the hub off and i can’t, i was going to use a civic knuckle in replace of the integra as a short fix but i can’t even get the arm’s off, and yes i’m using the right too.

Question is where do i go to swap the two hubs? the one from the civic in to my integra & visa versa? What type of shop and how much am i looking at? Right now i’m ready to :sad: and :gun2: my sister because i hate haveing a :danger: car