Front is always Higher

Ok when i Bought my 93 RS it came with Maxxspeed Lowering Springs.
2" in the front and 1.75" in the rear.

The rear had 1 finger gap and the front had like 3 finger gap. I didnt like how it say at all.

So i went and got some generic Coilovers. Had my car slammed to the ground All on the lowest settings. But my ride was basically crap.

Then i got some H&R Race springs this time around. For better ride. I installed them 2day. Rears are fine, no gap, but the front has 2 finger gap. Why is that… can someone explain cuz i see other people having this problem with a sport drop, but people with race drops dont see this problem.


Hmm… I have H&R race on dead stock shocks and I don’t have that problem. I don’t think you should measure by finger gap as naturally on any car, the rear well is always lower than the front.

The best way I can say to measure it is to park it, walk back and see if it’s leveled properly. Or maybe measure from the ground to the body panel just behind the rear of the front wheel well and do the same to the back instead in the front of the rear wheel well… get what i’m saying?


yeah i bought some of those maxxspeed springs and my rear is right at the tire, but the front has about a 3 finger gap as well. i dunno why either. i’m thinking about just getting a pair of front springs that’ll have more of a drop to them.

i measured, and its still higher in the front, looks like ass, i hate Gap. When i put the coilovers in, It was at the lowest setting possible to get at the height i wanted, No gap.

I think it has to do something with my suspension or something. Not shock and spring related.

I have that same problem and I’m on my 2nd set of springs. I think it’s because the front fender is thin meaning in size. Most other cars have a larger area of the fender…I don’t know if that makes sense, but take a bmw for example. The fender sits right over the tire, but the space between the top of the fender and the edge of the fender is larger. Kinda like how a wide body kit extends the edge of the fender out more…Well if that doesn’t make sense then I don’t know :think: :shrug:

If you noticed the fender on a civic is larger than the g2’s. It’s not spring or shock related, it’s just how our car sits. You have to drop the front dramatically to get it to sit right.

yeah i know that.

But wat i dont get is that, alot of people here and people i know have a H&R Race drop on there G2’s and the drop is great. Why not my car? why is my car doing this?

I have H&R Race springs and the front sits higher about 2 finger gap and about 1 in the rear, but my rear shocks are gone so its probably that. :shrug:

You know in some cases it may actually have to do w/ the spring company doing what they should be doing… R&D. Being front engine, front drive cars, G2’s are naturally heavier in the front. If you had coilovers and had the car corner weighted you’d see that the rear is usually going to sit lower. This is to help distribute weight a little better… yield a more balanced car by putting more weight towards the rear of the car. But obviously what looks good, and what performs are not always the same.

Integ21: You should know that it is NOT your shocks. Whether your shock is new, old, good, bad…doesn’t matter. As long as it isn’t seized (frozen so it no longer moves at all) the shock isn’t going to affect the ride height of the car. Only the spring will affect how high/low the car sits. The shock is a damper, it will compress even under very light loads (for instance you can compress the shock by hand on most shocks). There’s no way that your shock will exert enough force to raise the vehicle, or prevent it from sitting any lower. Likewise the weight of the vehicle can easily comprepss the shock as much as the spring will allow. If you were to remove the springs the shock would compress all the way and bottom out.

thanks for feeling me in :wink:

I have H&R Race on stock shocks. And my front is higher also. but the car is level. If you stand at the rear of the car and look down the side, the rear well is cut lower than the front, so the front will always appear higher. My car is perfectly level, rear has no gap and front has about 1-1.5 finger gap. It’s just the way the fenders are cut.

^ yeah thats how i figured. Im probably gonna get Koni Yellow Shocks that are adjustable. Will that help lower it more? Cuz if not, im gonna have to go back to coilovers

I have H&R race with koni yellows and adjusted the perch and the front is still higher. I hate the look of it being lower in the rear than the front. I’m changing springs myself, to low and don’t like the look.

with my H&R sports and my konis set at the lowest in the front and highest in the rear I have almost 2 finger gap front and rear… then i set the rears at the middle perch and its 1.5 finger gap but the car sits pretty, looks level

Another reason that the back may seem to sit lower, is that at factory height, the rear is higher than the front. and because of this the designers at Honda/Acura made the back wheel cut-out lower on the car. so therefore when the car is actually lower, but level…it looks like the back is squatted…I have the same problem on Skunk2 springs and Tokico Blues…handles great, rides a little rough…but i love it. Hope this helps.