front passenger power window slow

my front passenger side window is slow. why is this??

old motor…mine is slow to but it still goes up :clap: and i could hear the motor doing everything it can to get it up…

lol my teg does that too.

i doubt it’s all the motor at fault, if at all. When I first got my teg, i had this exact same problem. The driver’s side wasn’t in the greatest shape either, so earlier today & pulled the panels off & had a look. All I did was get a good silicone spray-lubricant, and soak everything that you can see moves when the window moves up & down. For the main tracks, after spraying them down w/ the silicone spray, get some dielectric silicone grease & squirt it into the rails the best you can. While you’re at it, adjust your window pads (so they don’t rattle when you shut your door & the window’s 1/2 way down) Everything’s really easy to adjust once you get in there. Another problem I discovered that was making my window drag was that the lower seal (not visible w/o removing the door panel) was folded down in 2 places, causing direct rubber to glass contact, which is obviously going to grab. After doing all this, both windows are the same speed, both being WAY faster than they were before.

mmm i would do that but i just got my tweater mounted perfectly and dont wanna ruin it, as long as it goes up im happy :slight_smile: