Front Side Marker Removal Problem

I’m trying to remove the front side markers on my DB1 to do a bulb change and it won’t budge. I removed the screw on top according to the service manual but it isnt budging. Is there another screw somewhere behind the bumper I’m not seeing?

Nevermind. Broke it trying to get it out. Ahh the joys of working on a 22 year old car. LOL!
My $5 bulb change just turned into a $50 one. :frowning:

curious what exactly you broke. pic?

Most likely the 2 prongs that go into the headlight bracket. With such old cars you have to have that soft but firm touch :slight_smile:

Ended up cracking the lens when prying it out…doh! :frowning:

Those things piss me off.

time for a one piece headlight upgrade