Front Upper Strut Bars?

Is there any honda that uses the same front upper strut bar as our cars would?

EF Civic, I have a Neuspeed off a CRX and it fit like a glove

what year is the ef?

I should ask a little more specificly, will any of these bars fit our cars?

More than likely NO. Sucks. I too wish Tein bars could fit our cars.

This sucks. The EF and CRX bars will fit on our Integras, but of course Tein doesn’t make one for either. Why is it so hard to get matching parts???

ef civic, i have a neuspeed off a crx and it fit like a glove


I was thinking about giving this a shot

You should search a bit. There’s a ton of info on DA’s regarding front strut bar fitment, including a bunch of info regarding ABS-equipped cars’ fitment.

[QUOTE=darkstarsinner;1996673]I was thinking about giving this a shot[/QUOTE]

contact them first see if they can give you the measurements especially the distance to the firewall.

The ABS module is gonna be move when I do my shave and tuck, and I found a post with those bars after I said that. I’m gonna call them though and get some info to check out. Why is it so hard to find to simplest shit ffor our cars??

Its simply just not as popular (our DAs)…

but there are other options out there i just hope you’re not just limited to tein or pw:jdm

yea limiting urself to just tein or pwjdm sucks… u want those then get a DC or something, cuz our g2’s don’t have bars available from them. (good stuff at least). i like the neuspeed bar, just harder to catch them when they are available. the spoon ones are good too, and the cusco bar is available too. i dunno if u r trying to go all out on teins or something… but it shouldn’t matter cuz nothing else made by tein could go inside engine bay anyways. and regarding pwjdm… i doubt they’ll ever make the bar for the DA, unless they get like 10+ orders for them up front or something. $0.02

make your own :wink:

^^ x2

some pipe, 1/4 steel plates and a welder. bolting stuff on is weak.

I would prefer to have it tein mainly because mostly because a large chunk of my suspension is tein and I like to keep things matched up. And no I’m not limiting myself to PWJDM But I like what they have. I can buy the neuspeed bar at anytime for a decent price, just figured I would find one that I truly liked before I jumped the gun. And as far as making on, It doesn’t take much to make a mistake, you don’t have the CNCing equipment these companies do. I hope you don’t do road racing cause you may f something up.

i do in fact lap my car. why the hell would you need a cnc machine to make a strut bar? its a bar that connects by 2 bolts on each side. theres nothing more to it then that.


as far as fabrication goes id rate the difficulty of making a strut bar about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10

ditto, my car sees laps aswell, and no problems ever here…

only downside to my bar, is that it’s ugly… hahahahaha has a made to order 3point bar for the DA… pretty good pricing compared to the password one…