Front wheel Hubs

Hello everyone new at form. I been looking for front wheel hubs all over the place and i can’t find them, only the bearing. Can someone help hopefully someone will read this.

Unfortunately there is no readily available replacement these days… it is recommended to re-use an OEM hub with a new quality bearing (such as Timken, NSK, Toyo, Koyo. Etc).

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Thank you for your reply. This sucks. I was going to buy the 1991 crx wheel hub but was not to sure.

FFsquad’s Da9 type-r brake/hub swap details how to have type-r 5 lug hubs machined down to accept Da9 wheel bearings and thus fit into Da9 front knuckles. See below:

My assumption is that the same thing can be done with regular DC 4 lug hubs, but i can’t say for sure because i haven’t tried it myself.

Just redid mine last year. Blasted and powder coated my front spindles, since cant get new ones and pressed in new bearings myself.

Please tell what i need to do. This look amazing!

Pretty much just restored all the parts that i couldn’t get new. So powder coated the front knuckles pressed new bearings in, got new rotors, powder coated and rebuilt the calipers.